DON Fund I - $2Bn

Over the past 24 months, we have been in discussion with our DON Billionaire members ( LOI Signed ) with respect to our DON Fund I a totally private offshore investment vehicle for private and sophisticated DON members and investors.

The focus of this Fund will be the exclusive opportunities within our existing deal flow with a keen focus on businesses needing cash flow and commercial real estate.

Direct Opportunities Network ( DON ) is a High-net-worth & Ultra high-net-worth Investor and members Network. Founded in Monaco 2014. Our Clients are Billionaires, Multi-Millionaires, Sports Stars, Governments, CEOs, Financial institutions, and UHNW Banking Desks.

The main purpose of our exclusive network is to present opportunities, deals, and services to our members plus connect them to each other.

Currently 515 active members.


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